Removing WordPress version from your Website

Small forgotten details may reveal to potential attackers an easy way to damage/attack …your site!!

First steps are to open the source code of the page and see what type of program you are using and which version.

By defaulf  WordPress shows your version in the source code just before the end of the header


<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress X.X.X” />

will appear at the top of your page. (The above is generated by the myblg_head() function.)

The simplest way/ easiest way to remove this “unnecessary info” is:

1. Go to file default-filters.php

2. Search for the line :  add_action( ‘myblg_head’,             ‘myblg_generator’                         );

3. Comment out that line by adding “//” at the beginning

Result : // add_action( ‘myblg_head’,             ‘myblg_generator’                         );

4. Save the file and you are done.

2nd way to do that is by adding the next line to the file functions.php

remove_action(‘myblg_head’, ‘myblg_generator’);

(2nd way not tested!!)

After that, no more indiscrete eyes!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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